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I finally made it out to the Sowa Vintage Market this last week with my sister-in-law. We had so much fun. All of the items at the market are like candy to my eyes. I know I have said it before, but I love, love, love everything old. This market makes me very happy! These people collect and make vintage things for a living. How fun would that be?

I grew up in a home where my Mom and Dad truly embraced the artistic side of things. I mostly get my artistic eye from my father who has taught me many things concerning art. I remember coming home one afternoon with a picture I drew in the school art class of our doggie having babies… I mean, seriously, the puppies were actually coming out of the bum-bum of the doggie in the picture I drew. Apparently my artistic career began when I was six! A little explicit, I know. My dad does art himself. Beautiful metal sculptures. It’s amazing. Maybe I will do an entry on that later! I gave welding a try when I was younger but I could never figure out how to see through the stupid helmet before actually welding. Anyway, he taught me several things concerning creativity and now look at me. Thanks, Dad.

So, here’s to all those creative kids who grew up to shine their gifts and talents to the world through art! Sowa marketeers… you amaze me! I enjoy your ideas and creativity. If you enjoy the items below you can find them: Pottery here, Lamp here, Petal Bobby Pins here, Pillows here, Button Bobby pins and other Jewelry here, Vintage Trailer and Clothing here, and Cloth Birdy Wallet here.

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