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The importance of updated business photos.

Having a strong web presence is key to the success of a business. We update business photos to inspire trust (in you, the business), to showcase yourself properly and to put your business ahead of the competition. Keeping your website current is essential to your online marketing strategy. Having a professional-looking website with professional head shots and nice photos of the business sends a signal to your potential clients that you have it together. Having a crummy-looking photos on your website says the opposite. These days, the first impression a client gets about your business is often from your website. Does it give a good first impression? Will customers call you after surfing around on your website?

Investing in professional photography to update photos of not only yourself, but your employees and your work place, is key to showing clients and customers that you are a true professional. Check out this post I did for one of my favorite local restaurants, THE BIRCH STREET BISTRO. This is an example of what updated photos of your place might look like. Professional photography really takes the image of your business to the next level. I promise!

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Best Photography of Tyra Bleek Photography – Spokane & Boston Wedding Photographer

In preparation for a wedding expo, I had the opportunity to go through a lot of my photos from the last couple of years. It was very difficult to narrow down my favorites, and I only was able to go through a handful of my weddings. From the British Virgin Islands, to Brooklyn, to all around New England, and to my native Washington State, I’ve been fortunate to shoot at a lot of beautiful people at a lot of gorgeous wedding venues. Below are several of the photos I’ll be displaying this weekend. Enjoy.

0001_spokane_wedding_photographer boston-wedding-photography 0003_spokane_wedding_photographer Squantum Association Wedding Providence Rhode Island 0005_spokane_wedding_photographer Cape Cod Wedding 0007_spokane_wedding_photographer 0008_spokane_wedding_photographer 0009_spokane_wedding_photographer State Room Wedding 0011_spokane_wedding_photographer 0013_spokane_wedding_photographer Wychmere Beach Club Wedding 0015_spokane_wedding_photographer 0016_spokane_wedding_photographer Squantum Association Wedding Providence Rhode Island 0018_spokane_wedding_photographer Ridge Club Wedding Brett & Elyse Glen Manor House Wedding View full post »