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One of my favorite trends in the wedding industry right now is having a Photo Booth to record the guests at the reception. In fact, if I had it my way I would make all my brides include this as part of their wedding day. It’s kinda like a guestbook but instead of just the signatures (boring) of the guests you have a fabulous photo of them doing something crazy. The photo booth is where the PARTY starts and ends. You never know what you are going to get when it comes to people spending time in the photo booth. People tend to be a little goofy and light-hearted as they take their photos. I always love looking through the photos to see what crazy poses or props they chose. One thing that I know is true… you will never be disappointed with your decision to have a photo booth at your wedding.

My type of photo booth is a bit different. In fact it’s not much of a ‘booth’ at all (I use that term for back of a better word.) Admittedly it lacks the nostalgia of an actual booth, but it has two very good things going for it. One, it is more versatile in that it allows for more people to be in the photo, and greater movement for fun poses, use of fun props, etc. Two, it is significantly cheaper than what you’d rent a “real” photo booth for.

Here is how it works, I set up lights in a corner of your reception area with my assistant taking the photos with an additional camera. This type of photo booth is kinda like a “live” photo booth because the people get to interact with the person who is taking the photos…. who suggests different silly poses or props. This makes for better photos. The props are generally provided by the client, this way they can coincide with your theme (which is better). After the event your guest can go to my website and click on a link to view and download photos of themselves for free… They can then use them on facebook or any other social media site, or print them if they choose. You also receive all copies of the photos.

Overall you can’t go wrong with adding a photo booth to your event. It just makes sense! And that is my two cents about why you should have a photo booth at your next event.

So what does my photo booth include?

  • Additional shooter during the reception.
  • A photo booth video to share with friends and family.
  • All photos uploaded to flickr where they can be easily printed or linked to Facebook and other social media sites.
  • Coffee Table Book w/ images from your Photo Booth FUN!
  • And how much does this all cost? Only, $699-$800.

    P.S. You can see this video in HD if you click on the ‘HD’ icon in the video window. Then, expand the window to get the full effect.

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