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Spokane Senior Portrait Session | Riverfont Park Senior Photography

Senior portraits play a very important role in recording a special time in a persons life. I adore the fact that my parents invested in portraits for me while I was a senior (thanks Mom and Dad). I understand that the cost of doing senior portraits may seem a bit overwhelming but is well worth it. Being able to look back at a time when a child is moving from adolescences to being an adult is a fun time to record. I cherish looking back on my senior photos and seeing what I wore, how I posed and where we went to capture the day. These photos are not only important to the senior but will be (someday) important to their children. I recall looking over my mother’s senior photos over and over when I was younger, imagining what kind of person she was, getting to see how beautiful she was as a younger person and how different the photography was back then. I love the nostalgic feelings I get when seeing old photographs. So don’t miss the opportunity to record some of your own throughout the years of life and (at least) every once in a while, pay a professional to do it – they will be cherished for a lifetime.

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Kennewick Family Photo Session | Tri Cities Family Portraits | Howard Amon Park Photography

As the weather begins to turn, families are starting to think about being outside and (hopefully) capturing their wonderful family on film. Family portraits are such an important role in a families history. Personally, I think it best if a family considers doing a new family portrait every 2-3 years. By doing this you can record the differences that take place in the years past and have a fun opportunity to remember how each person looked. Photos are some of life’s greatest memories (psss… that’s why I got into this business). I love being able to make a record of the people on this earth and for that reason, you should book a family portrait session (stat!). I currently reside in Kennewick, WA but am serving clients on both the west and east side of the state. So get on board and book a session!!!

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3 reasons you should have a Photo Booth at your wedding.

We had another wonderful wedding weekend in Lake Tahoe at one of my sweet-sweet cousins wedding. It was such a blast as you can tell by the photo booth. I was happy to provide a photo booth for her wedding because I knew that they would embrace the fun that comes with Photo Booths. There are several reason you should consider a photo booth for your wedding and here are just a few of my reasons:

1. Photo Booths are a fun place for your guests to get with their friends and take some silly pics together.
2. Photo Booths record guest photos who otherwise might not have gotten their picture taken by the photographer. Although I will try very hard to grab candid and group shots of people at your receptions, sometimes people get missed and the likely hood of everybody getting captured by your photographer is slim.
3. Photo Booths are a great excuse to put together a fun stop motion video of your guests.

Download your PHOTOS HERE for Alexei & Kate wedding.

Nashville TN Trendy Chic | The Red House Wedding | Rock and Roll Memorabilia Wedding

The Red House is a unique yet affordable venue that is beautiful. The trendy décor of this 140 year old home is accented with rock and roll memorabilia that gives your event a chic style with southern charm. This bride and groom (who are close friends of ours) held one of the most memorable weddings I have ever attended. The bride decided to go with a short dress which was totally her style and so cute, wild flowers and simple decor decorations. The groom (and all the groomsmen) stole the show with their sharp (and sexy!) tweed grey suits. The nice thing about this venue is that the space speaks for itself, the bride doesn’t have to take it to the next level with her decorations because it’s is beautiful in it’s own way. Here’s some of my favorite shots from the day, I could have gone on and on with all the beautiful photos and beautiful people but I have to stop somewhere.

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Real Estate Photography | Why hiring a professional real estate photographer can make you more money and 3 ways to ensure great photos.

My husband and I have been doing real estate photography for over a year now. We enjoy it more than we might have guessed. We consider it a treat to be able to see (and photograph) the inside of beautiful homes throughout the Tri-Cities region, and we take pride in delivering photos that feel high-end, no matter the actual price attached to the home.

Although our job is quite different than the real estate agents that we serve, we have the same end-goal in mind: SELL THAT HOUSE. We deliver crisp, high-contrast, and sharp pictures to help ensure the sale of your property. We also strive for fast delivery, typically with a one to two-day turn around after the day-of-shoot.

Consumer Reports magazine recently reported that that nine out of 10 home buyers now use the internet at some point during their search to find a home, making web appeal critical when it comes to showing off your home. Knowing that potential buyers are very likely to find your listings online puts a premium on the photos that you post online. The internet is a visual medium, meaning that the photos need to look great. Professional photography can put you one step ahead of your competitors.

To that end, here are three tips from Consumer Reports:

1) Whether you hire us, another professional, or take the photos yourself, make sure the photos are taken with an advanced camera. Using an iPhone or a point-and-shoot camera isn’t going to cut it. From Consumer Reports, “an advanced camera is best for real estate photography because its larger sensor takes clear pictures even in low-light homes.” CR goes on to mention that a December 2013 study by Redfin found that “homes listed between $200,000 and $1 million that were shot with DSLR cameras sold for $3,400-$11,200 more than those photographed with basic point-and-shoot cameras.”

2) Again from CR “Tell the whole story. Buyers pay more attention to photos than the actual property descriptions in the listing, so it’s important to provide every visual detail. Including photos of each room, as well as exterior and yard. For your high priced listings pay a little more to have more shots of interesting features, like stone fireplaces, wine cellars, larger master bathrooms or high-end appliances. Natural lighting is best, so you may need serval days and several shoots to get the best light for the interior shots. Paying a little bit more for more shots is important if your property deserves to be shown off.”

3) “Time it right. It’s best to debut a listing on Thursday or Friday, ahead of the weekend open houses. Make sure you have all of the pieces in place before going live because listing get 4.5 times ore traffic in the first week than they do a month later. Some sellers and agents, make the mistake of debuting a listing without photos, thinking they’ll upload them later. By that time, may would-be buyers will have moved on and won’t return to the listing.”

4) I know, I said “3 reasons,” but here is a bonus tip from yours truly. Be patient! Re-scheduling a shoot for another day (if it’s rainy or cloudy) is highly suggested. The exterior shots of a sunny-bright house is much more appealing to a buyer than a grey sky. Trust me, sunshine sells.

Be sure to check out my real estate photography portfolio: HERE.

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