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I am excited to be moving in the direction of offering real estate photography to agents in the Yakima area. I have been a full-time photographer for 5+ years. My experience with many different types of photography gives me the ability to deliver dynamic images with confidence. Real Estate Photography is about great lighting, crisp images, and photo composition. Delivering a high-quality product to my real estate clients is priority.

If you would like to check out my real estate business, Photo This Place then check it out HERE. I have done over 100+ homes. You can also see a few of my favorite shots below. I assure you, I can produce these types of photos for your properties as well. Please contact me for further information.

My packages are simple and you can see them HERE.

16 Images – Best for homes up to 1700 sq ft $110
24 Images – Best for homes up to 3000 sq ft $134
34 Images – Best for homes over 3000 sq ft $145

Travel charges may apply depending on the distance traveled. All images are delivered in high-res, fully edited, and within 24 hours. I deliver through an online gallery where you can fully download original files.

For every new client I book in Yakima, I am offering a FREE HEAD-SHOT. Keeping an updated head shot of yourself is (I think) important to introducing yourself as a professional business person. See examples of my head shots (HERE) and read why I think it’s important to update bio/head shots.

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Spokane Convention Center Wedding, Spokane Centennial Ballroom Wedding, Spokane River Wedding Photos, Spokane Pink Sparkle Wedding

Here’s a beautiful wedding that was shot on Valentine’s Day weekend. Spokane Washington weddings are my fav when it comes to shooting portraits. It ended up being a picturesque day next to the Spokane River. Wedding photos in Riverfront Park was a great place to capture my couple in their ‘love bubble.’ They were quite cute. Spokane Convention Center is right next to the river which makes it easy to get ready at the Double Tree and then hop over to the center (near her reception location, the Spokane Centennial Ballroom) for first look photos and bridal party photos. The ceremony was at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Spokane that was just down the road. We set up light inside since it was a chilly day and did our family photos inside which turned out great. Their reception was in the Spokane Centennial Ballroom which was beautiful as well

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Lake Tahoe Wedding | Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort Wedding | Yeti Themed Wedding

Here’s a fun wedding I did a few months back. What makes it really fun is that it was my sweet-sweet cousins wedding. This year has been a year of blessings when it comes to traveling for weddings. For this wedding we got to travel to Lake Tahoe and see the beautiful snowy mountains over the lake on a bright sunny wedding weekend (the weather couldn’t have been better). My cousin Kate and her husband, Alexei chose this place because they love snow boarding and visit the ski mountains often. Actually, they both went snow boarding the day after the wedding in their wedding outfits (you know – the dress and the tux). I wish I could have attended that excursion as well, those would have made some great pictures.

This wedding was a dream. The bride and groom were surrounded by people that loved them dearly. They glowed with love for one another and their personalities really shined as the day progressed (which was calm, cool and collected.) Their theme was straight out of a story book and couldn’t have been cuter, a yeti themed wedding. The venue, the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort was a picture perfect view of the lake and sunset. I’m telling you people it was a dream. The night was one to be remembered!

Lake Tahoe Wedding, Hyatt Lake Tahoe Wedding 0002_tahoe_wedding Lake Tahoe Wedding, Hyatt Lake Tahoe Wedding 0004_tahoe_wedding Lake Tahoe Wedding, Hyatt Lake Tahoe Wedding 0006_tahoe_wedding 0007_tahoe_wedding 0008_tahoe_wedding 0009_tahoe_wedding Lake Tahoe Wedding, Hyatt Lake Tahoe Wedding 0011_tahoe_wedding 0012_tahoe_wedding 0013_tahoe_wedding 0014_tahoe_wedding 0015_tahoe_wedding 0016_tahoe_wedding 0017_tahoe_wedding 0018_tahoe_wedding 0019_tahoe_wedding 0020_tahoe_wedding Lake Tahoe Wedding, Hyatt Lake Tahoe Wedding 0022_tahoe_wedding 0023_tahoe_wedding Lake Tahoe Wedding, Hyatt Lake Tahoe Wedding 0025_tahoe_wedding 0026_tahoe_wedding 0027_tahoe_wedding 0028_tahoe_wedding Lake Tahoe Wedding, Hyatt Lake Tahoe Wedding 0030_tahoe_wedding Lake Tahoe Wedding, Hyatt Lake Tahoe Wedding 0032_tahoe_wedding 0033_tahoe_wedding 0034_tahoe_wedding 0035_tahoe_wedding 0036_tahoe_wedding 0037_tahoe_wedding 0038_tahoe_wedding 0039_tahoe_wedding 0040_tahoe_wedding 0041_tahoe_wedding 0042_tahoe_wedding 0043_tahoe_wedding 0044_tahoe_wedding 0045_tahoe_wedding 0046_tahoe_wedding 0047_tahoe_wedding Lake Tahoe Wedding, Hyatt Lake Tahoe Wedding 0049_tahoe_wedding Lake Tahoe Wedding, Hyatt Lake Tahoe Wedding 0051_tahoe_wedding 0052_tahoe_wedding 0053_tahoe_wedding 0054_tahoe_wedding 0055_tahoe_wedding 0056_tahoe_wedding 0057_tahoe_wedding Lake Tahoe Wedding, Hyatt Lake Tahoe Wedding Lake Tahoe Wedding, Hyatt Lake Tahoe Wedding

Spokane Senior Portrait Session | Riverfont Park Senior Photography

Senior portraits play a very important role in recording a special time in a persons life. I adore the fact that my parents invested in portraits for me while I was a senior (thanks Mom and Dad). I understand that the cost of doing senior portraits may seem a bit overwhelming but is well worth it. Being able to look back at a time when a child is moving from adolescences to being an adult is a fun time to record. I cherish looking back on my senior photos and seeing what I wore, how I posed and where we went to capture the day. These photos are not only important to the senior but will be (someday) important to their children. I recall looking over my mother’s senior photos over and over when I was younger, imagining what kind of person she was, getting to see how beautiful she was as a younger person and how different the photography was back then. I love the nostalgic feelings I get when seeing old photographs. So don’t miss the opportunity to record some of your own throughout the years of life and (at least) every once in a while, pay a professional to do it – they will be cherished for a lifetime.

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